Saturday, 4 June 2011

HMS Collingwood Open day/ Field Gun

Wow what a day.
Thought this won't be very good or interesting will be home again in half hour only really going to support Dan who was working there for the day. The total cost of entry for us ( me and the three boys) was £11, which it turned out to be good value for money. The funfair was provided free of charge and we all know how expensive they can be. There were various display teams from the re-enactment of being press gang through to dog display teams. All the services were represented, the boys enjoyed having a look round a chinook and tried on helmets, I found it a little disturbing though when they said that it could hold 24 stretchers brings it home really as to what these people do for us all.
Oscar got to watch the marchers as he call them which to you and me is a marching band so he was happy. After a break for food more rides in the funfair and then a go at being winched up into a helicopter.
We were really lucky with the weather as the sun broke through and it was glorious. We never got to see half the stuff that was going on like the gun crews, or all the stalls that were raising funds. We are already planning to go back next year but this time armed with chairs, food and lots of change so the kids can soak the sailor and take part in the tombola. I think that this was real value for money and if anyone has the chance to go they should for no other reason then its a really good day out. Oh yes and there are lots of lovely uniformed bods to look at!!!

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