Saturday, 23 May 2009

Well hello everyone sorry I've not posted for a while but alot has been happening here on the sunny south coast. We are currently in the middle of updating and revamping our bathroom well when a I say we I actually mean my dad whilst mum, the boys and I keep out of the way!
As you can see from the pics the bathroom isn't the world's largest but it suits us. The best way of describing it was a white suite with black tiles half way up three of the walls, whilst the rest is painted dark peach, the floor also had broken and chipped vinyl tiles on it and there was an antique electric shower on the wall. To get this shower to work you had to turn it on to full power and then turn the cold tap on in the sink to make the thing warm. What taste they had back then!! It had polystyrene tiles on the ceiling and the room would smell of damp and nicotine when ever you showered. Anyhow as we are getting a new kitchen afer the summer and the bathroom which also leaks is above thought it might be a good idea to replace it. This is how it looked just after dad had started the work (forgot to take it at the start!)

I will post pics when it is all finished. So far dad has removed all the tiles filled all the holes painted the ceiling and the wall on the right. I chose a lilac colour for the wall and am going to have plain white tiles with a silver swirly border tile above the bath line. I've not completely decideed what to do yet. The new bath suite is white with shell edging to it. All looks good so far

Whilst dad has been doing that I've managed to fit in a little crafting. Here is a doughnut with white icing and chocolate drizzle.

This one is strawberry icing with sugar strands

I then thought that a chocolate cupcake with pink icing and 100s and 1000s would be worth a try. Also in between this I am trying to teach myself to crochet. The first pattern I tried kept going wrong so got cross thinking it was me, but when mum look at it she said the pattern wasn't clear. That gave me hope. Tried a different one and it worked! so when I get bored of the cakes i can try that instead. I've also been asked if I can make a knitted ice cream so am off to try that in a while.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Their crafting and mine

Well what a day we've had here! The boys asked if they could do some crafting (thanks glueing and sticking to you and me!), so when Oscar went to bed for a nap out came the glue and scissors. We decided to make some abstact pictures by cutting up pieces of paper into pointy triangles and glueing them onto a contrasting colour with the pointy ends inwards and here's the results
This one is Lewis' he had an amount of assistance but he decided the colour combinations and where to stick them.

This one is Jason's who did most of it by himself. He thought that three lots of layers would look good. Not bad for a first attempt.
I've not been up to much crafting lately have managed to create another two cakes though without a pattern ( I designed them myself!!!)
Here is a cherry bakewell

And this is a lemon tart.

What do you think? Off to have ago at some others now.

Monday, 11 May 2009

got to have a rant

Sorry about this but I've got to have a bit of a rant as today did not go well. It started out okay, got Jason to school and check with his friend's mum that it was still alright for him to go to tea. Got to the preschool to drop Lewis off and thought I can hear someone's phone ringing it sound like mine, bugger it's mine. By the time I'd found it the call had ended no message left and I didn't recognise the number. Left Lewis and his buns at school got out the door and heard the phone again still didn't get to it in time, so decide to phone it back, it was Jason's school. Wonder what they want so thought I'd better go back I wasn't far from there.
Now what I must mention at this stage is that we'd walked into school this morning which is about 1.5 miles away so I was rather out of puff as I'd rushed to the school. By the time I got tere I was very red faced and out of breath. What I should also say here is that Jason had woken up yesterday morning with a gunky eye, which he'd rubbed clear, as a result his eye ball looked very red, so I thought leave it til the morning see what happens don't think he's got an infection as the eye wasn't weeping and he wasn't rubbing it or complaining about it. When he got up his eye looked loads better and he still wasn't complaining so sent him to school.
The receptionist said he got conjunctivitis so has got to see a doctor and must be taken home cand can't come back til it's cleared up AAAAAARRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH. Did they bother asking him the routine questions no. Rushed him down to the doctors thinking got to cancel his outing got a hospital appointment for myself what am I to do. Fortunately my mum and dad rescued me again and came down to help. Got him into the doctors pretty quick and guess what no eye infection.
Brought him home by now it nearly half past 11 and I have to collect Lewis at 1215. I then phoned the school amongst other calls I'd recieved told them he was ok they said oh well he can come back then! I told them no I would be keeping him at hime fo the rest of the day as they had found it necessary to send him home. I wouldn't mind but the person who said he'd got it isn't a medical person, as they would have asked those simple questions, but was leaving to go on a school trip all dressed in a skimpy top and shorts!
Once I'd collected Lewis things did become a lot less hectic and my hospital appointment was ok. Thank you for letting me rant and even more so if you got to the end of this I'm off now to do some crafting whilst watching Ashes to Ashes.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

cakes and buns

Following my foray into creating knitted cakes I've become a little bit obsessive about it. Can't wait to start knitting during the day, spend alot a time looking at cakes in the window of the local bakers shop ( is there a song about that??!) which really doesn't help my trying to lose wait campaign, all in the aid of trying to see if I can recreate the cakes by knitting them. I've had a number of ideas but need to get them knitted before I give the game away.

I have made 5 currant buns for the preschool, one of the teachers there thought it was abit spooky as she'd only been looking at the ones for sale on a well known auction site the day before when i walked in with the one I'd done. She did think mine where better though!
Hopefully I will get enough time to make some to sell on MISI what do you think? Would they sell? Who would buy them other than preshools? Let me know you ideas as I like to know what people think.
This is an iced cake with 100s and 1000s on the top. Think I need to put more of them on as there doesn't appear to be too many on here.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

anyone for cake?

I've spent the last few days trying to make a cake pattern. After reading through many patterns most of which used double pointed needles I decided to have a go at designing my own, and here they are.
This one is a chocolate fairy cake/cup cake with chocolate chips in. I didn't like the way the paper case was knitted onto the cake so went on to make this one.

This is a standard iced cake with sprinkles on the top. The cake can now be removed from the paper case which I think is more realistic. However I'm still not completely happy with the designs so am now working on another on with more icing and stuffed in a different way.
This shows them side on just to illustrate the differences.

So what do we all think then? I'm rather proud of my efforts considering I've never done this before.

Also thought you might like to see the rest of the swap I was involved in. Turns out the lady's husband is a London bus driver how spooky is that!!
For those of you who are wondering what it is, it's a ceramic fridge magnet that i made and then handpainted.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

didn't we have a lovely day

Woke uo this morning and to my suprise the sun was shining now there's something we've not seen in a long time! Jason went to a friends to play i thought great I'll get loads done YEAH RIGHT. Managed to start by blowing up the hoover so had to get a new one. It's good though has alot of suction and what I thought were clean floors obviously weren't.
Spent the rest of the morning cutting the grass makes the garden look tidier. Kealey came round for a cuppa. That was nice. We managed to break the garden seat, which we were sitting, whilst we were admiring the views( well next doors twentysomething son!!!). Neither of us were hurt but we did have a laugh!
Homemade pizza for tea and early to bed for three tired little boys.