Sunday, 10 May 2009

cakes and buns

Following my foray into creating knitted cakes I've become a little bit obsessive about it. Can't wait to start knitting during the day, spend alot a time looking at cakes in the window of the local bakers shop ( is there a song about that??!) which really doesn't help my trying to lose wait campaign, all in the aid of trying to see if I can recreate the cakes by knitting them. I've had a number of ideas but need to get them knitted before I give the game away.

I have made 5 currant buns for the preschool, one of the teachers there thought it was abit spooky as she'd only been looking at the ones for sale on a well known auction site the day before when i walked in with the one I'd done. She did think mine where better though!
Hopefully I will get enough time to make some to sell on MISI what do you think? Would they sell? Who would buy them other than preshools? Let me know you ideas as I like to know what people think.
This is an iced cake with 100s and 1000s on the top. Think I need to put more of them on as there doesn't appear to be too many on here.

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