Saturday, 2 May 2009

didn't we have a lovely day

Woke uo this morning and to my suprise the sun was shining now there's something we've not seen in a long time! Jason went to a friends to play i thought great I'll get loads done YEAH RIGHT. Managed to start by blowing up the hoover so had to get a new one. It's good though has alot of suction and what I thought were clean floors obviously weren't.
Spent the rest of the morning cutting the grass makes the garden look tidier. Kealey came round for a cuppa. That was nice. We managed to break the garden seat, which we were sitting, whilst we were admiring the views( well next doors twentysomething son!!!). Neither of us were hurt but we did have a laugh!
Homemade pizza for tea and early to bed for three tired little boys.

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