Thursday, 30 April 2009

the usual suspects

Haven't been up to much these last few days still recovering from the weekend. Jason took lots of my old toys and books into school yesterday as they are learning about the toys that we as parents and the grandparents used to play with. He took perfection downfall and connect four now I am beginning to show my age! At then end of school his teacher came out to say that during breaktime he'd managed to sustain a rope burn around his neck! The long and short of it all was two boys who were a problem in year R decided to try and capture Jason with a rope and in the process caused the burn. Ok they owned up and Jason was that hurt also Iwas told by the teacher and not left guessing, what upset me was that these two little ********* only lost a playing as punishment! I know that there's not alot that the schools can do but the lost of a 15 minute break for what could have been a very serious incident AAARRRRRGGGGGGH.
Did a search for a knitting pattern earlier and its selling on ebay for 27 pounds!!! so am keeping an eye on that.
Anyhow have made three golf club covers just need to make the pompoms for them and have decided to have a go at making some knitted cakes. Will take some photos to post when they're done.

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