Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Why is it that everyday I set out with a list of things I want to get do and yet I never achieve it? I've been trying to tidy up (i know if the craft world what a waste of time this is!) the boys bedroom for the last few days and i'm still doing it. How hard can it be to be organised? I was still baking at 80'clock. I've made some lovely banana and nut muffins thought. I did manage to finish a pair of booties they are meant to be giraffe one what do you think?

I'm not convinced yet!
I've also managed to take pics of the items i am swapping they are pin cushions the watch one can be worn like a watch. I have one and find it most useful - save putting the pins in your teeth!

This is a batternburg cake, what do you think?
My lastest project is golf club covers then i'm goint to knit some cup cakes that should be a laugh!
Managed a complete outfit again today for blue day, tomorrow is gold! Think that might be difficult.

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