Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Green Day and snowflakes

Today began much like all the days in this house MAYHEM!!

Jason guessed that today was green day, managed a whole outfit and matching jewellery. Recieved a few complements as well! Thank you Hennie for this idea. I even managed to coordinate my music to fit in with the green theme, of course it had to be Green Day.

Had to take Oscar to the doctors as he's been having a green day too ( out of his ears!!)

I did have a suprise when the postie came my MISI swap arrived it was from jai jai - whose shop can be found on MISI some beautiful hand beaded snowflakes. I will be putting these away for later in the year and when they come out Iwill remember the swap and how I enjoyed it.
Off now to find out what the colour for tomorrow is. Might even try to coordinate the kids clothes as well!

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