Sunday, 19 April 2009

The colour purple

I've been taking part (unsuccessfully) in a game that some of us are playing on misi the colour is..
Yesterday we had to wear the colour pink. I really struggled with this the only pinkthings i own are a pair of socks with hearts on which have been residing in the bedroom bin for the last few days! I very nearly had to get them out to wear. However i did manage to find i thin light weight pair at the bottom of the draw.
Today's colout is purple. Thank goodness for that a much better choice. Started the day by wearing my purple little Miss. Naughty dressing gown, got dressed with a purple top and even put on earrings to match. Then guess what i found a necklace with a pink faberge style egg doh! could have worn that yesterday. Will go to bed with a purple nightie on! I think the colour tomorrow is either red or green will have to check.
This set me off thinking about cakes( not sure why) so have spent most of the day hunting down a pattern that i like. After may hours searching i found some. When i've done some i'll put the picture on here. Thought they would make good teacher pressies.
Well i'm off now to undo the knitting i did last night as i don't like the results. Got to get it done as it's for the swap!

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