Sunday, 19 June 2011

Christmas comes early to Fareham!

Like it says Christmas came early to the Carter house recently. I have been using up some odd cottons I found and thought that snowflakes would be the way to go. In true snowflake fashion each one is individual and based on a hexagon. I am in the process of trying to makre them ridged. Like always feedback would be great. Will be making more over the next few days.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

street urchins and toilet dolls

A couple of weeks ago the boys came home from school with requests for urchin costumes as the school is doing a whole school production of Oliver! Each year group is given a song to learn and those that want to get to sing in the show. All the pupils are involved in someway, from ticket production and sale through to back stage work. I was lucky that I already had an outfit that I could alter for Jason but I had to make Lewis' from scratch. The school also asked that the costumes were dirty! So I clean the house with them then put food dye onto the trousers. Here is the result.

Did your Gran or possibly even your mum have one of those plastic dolls that wore a large knitted or crocheted dress that was used to cover a spare toilet roll? Well that's what I have been making over the last few weeks. What do you think? If you like them they are available to buy through my facebook page