Saturday, 16 May 2009

Their crafting and mine

Well what a day we've had here! The boys asked if they could do some crafting (thanks glueing and sticking to you and me!), so when Oscar went to bed for a nap out came the glue and scissors. We decided to make some abstact pictures by cutting up pieces of paper into pointy triangles and glueing them onto a contrasting colour with the pointy ends inwards and here's the results
This one is Lewis' he had an amount of assistance but he decided the colour combinations and where to stick them.

This one is Jason's who did most of it by himself. He thought that three lots of layers would look good. Not bad for a first attempt.
I've not been up to much crafting lately have managed to create another two cakes though without a pattern ( I designed them myself!!!)
Here is a cherry bakewell

And this is a lemon tart.

What do you think? Off to have ago at some others now.

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