Saturday, 23 May 2009

Well hello everyone sorry I've not posted for a while but alot has been happening here on the sunny south coast. We are currently in the middle of updating and revamping our bathroom well when a I say we I actually mean my dad whilst mum, the boys and I keep out of the way!
As you can see from the pics the bathroom isn't the world's largest but it suits us. The best way of describing it was a white suite with black tiles half way up three of the walls, whilst the rest is painted dark peach, the floor also had broken and chipped vinyl tiles on it and there was an antique electric shower on the wall. To get this shower to work you had to turn it on to full power and then turn the cold tap on in the sink to make the thing warm. What taste they had back then!! It had polystyrene tiles on the ceiling and the room would smell of damp and nicotine when ever you showered. Anyhow as we are getting a new kitchen afer the summer and the bathroom which also leaks is above thought it might be a good idea to replace it. This is how it looked just after dad had started the work (forgot to take it at the start!)

I will post pics when it is all finished. So far dad has removed all the tiles filled all the holes painted the ceiling and the wall on the right. I chose a lilac colour for the wall and am going to have plain white tiles with a silver swirly border tile above the bath line. I've not completely decideed what to do yet. The new bath suite is white with shell edging to it. All looks good so far

Whilst dad has been doing that I've managed to fit in a little crafting. Here is a doughnut with white icing and chocolate drizzle.

This one is strawberry icing with sugar strands

I then thought that a chocolate cupcake with pink icing and 100s and 1000s would be worth a try. Also in between this I am trying to teach myself to crochet. The first pattern I tried kept going wrong so got cross thinking it was me, but when mum look at it she said the pattern wasn't clear. That gave me hope. Tried a different one and it worked! so when I get bored of the cakes i can try that instead. I've also been asked if I can make a knitted ice cream so am off to try that in a while.

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