Monday, 1 June 2009

the things we did this half term

Hello everyone. Sorry I've not posted for a while but those of you who have kids will understand it's been half term, ( no wonder I'm slowly going grey) and on top of that the bathroom is still in chaos but getting there. There is now only one wall left to tile hurrah.
Like many of you the weather done here on the south coast has been very mixed over the last week so it has given Jason and Lewid the opportunity to use their creative skills once again. Jason decided to play with his lego the other afternoon and assembled so interesting lunar models.
Then having watched an episode of Mr. Maker which they think is fab and I like as it gives me 1/2 to get stuff done, we thought we'd have a go at his window decorations made with you've guessed it pva glue. It took two days to dry not over night as he said but it did give them something to look at each morning to see if they were done and here they are.
This is Lewis' and Jason's

The next thing they made were designs that could be ironed onto their Tshirts. They drew onto sandpaper then good old mummy ironed them onto some spare white shirts they had. These have been worn and washed so the designs have faded slightly.
Lastly we come to my activities. I have finally managed to teach myself to crochet!!! After practising various stitches by making little squares Jason asked me to make a monkey for his teacher. The blue one was my first attempt
This is the one that we will give his teacher he is really pleased with it. I think it's not bad for a

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