Thursday, 25 June 2009

I don't know about you but I am really struggling in this heat! Even the kids are just lying about I hate to say it but we could really do with a storm to clear the air. I can't have my front room windows open at the moment, nothing to do with bugs hay fever etc, more to do with inquisitive children. Oscar my baby (well 15 month old) decided to move the foot stool across the room and use it to climb up onto the radiator and then onto the window sill. Whats wrong with thatIhear you cry, nothing except that the window was open he had one foot inside and one out oh yes and there is about an eight foot drop down into the garden!
Other than that not to much to report from the south coast. Jason will be performing in Joseph and his amazing technicolour dream coat next week. Don't think much learning has gone on at school this week other than rehearsals. I have completely lost all interest in crafting just can't seem to gather up any enthusiasm and when something is made I think its a load of old pants.
Going to do the washing up and a few other chores beforeI think about having a cup of tea.


  1. hi julie, i know what you mean about the heat, it's just a bit tooooo hot!!!
    keep your chin up on the crafting front i just think its the recession and definitely not your talent that is the problem!!!!

  2. thanks for the compliment am trying a few new things maybe that will inspire me!