Sunday, 5 July 2009

it's Timmy time!

Just finish knitting Timmy the Sheep for Lewis, who came out in chicken pox yesterday morning. Shame really as he's got alot going on at pre school over the next few weeks and I think he'll end up missing it all. Anyhow back to Timmy, a friend of mine (Knitwits from MISI) told us all that she'd made him recently and was kind enough to send me the pattern so I could have a go, and here he is

Also during my not so creative time I've taught myself to crochet and have made some hair scrunchies. It's a shame that I haven't got any girls (and for those of you who are thinking maybe NO I don't want anymore!) I think they would would make a lovely addition instead of ribbons. I have listed them in my misi store-if your interested why not take a look.

Then after making my friend her bag I thought I'd make myself one. I wanted it to be larger enough to carry a spare nappy for Oscar, wipes and his cup as well as my odds and ends, but not as big as the traditional changing bags. It sits well on the hip so allows a free hand. Typical me though showed my mum and she now wants one! (but she doesn't need the nappy bit), then I listed so might have to make some more. Its reversible so at least if one side gets dirty I can turn it inside out and nobady would know.

Lastly I took the boys to get theirs hair cut last weekend as Jason was in the school porduction of Joseph and he needed to look smart. That's all for nowI've got to go and do the ironingI'm afraid whilst Jason is at a party, Oscar is having his nap and Lewis is quietly resting and trying not to scratch.