Monday, 11 May 2009

got to have a rant

Sorry about this but I've got to have a bit of a rant as today did not go well. It started out okay, got Jason to school and check with his friend's mum that it was still alright for him to go to tea. Got to the preschool to drop Lewis off and thought I can hear someone's phone ringing it sound like mine, bugger it's mine. By the time I'd found it the call had ended no message left and I didn't recognise the number. Left Lewis and his buns at school got out the door and heard the phone again still didn't get to it in time, so decide to phone it back, it was Jason's school. Wonder what they want so thought I'd better go back I wasn't far from there.
Now what I must mention at this stage is that we'd walked into school this morning which is about 1.5 miles away so I was rather out of puff as I'd rushed to the school. By the time I got tere I was very red faced and out of breath. What I should also say here is that Jason had woken up yesterday morning with a gunky eye, which he'd rubbed clear, as a result his eye ball looked very red, so I thought leave it til the morning see what happens don't think he's got an infection as the eye wasn't weeping and he wasn't rubbing it or complaining about it. When he got up his eye looked loads better and he still wasn't complaining so sent him to school.
The receptionist said he got conjunctivitis so has got to see a doctor and must be taken home cand can't come back til it's cleared up AAAAAARRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH. Did they bother asking him the routine questions no. Rushed him down to the doctors thinking got to cancel his outing got a hospital appointment for myself what am I to do. Fortunately my mum and dad rescued me again and came down to help. Got him into the doctors pretty quick and guess what no eye infection.
Brought him home by now it nearly half past 11 and I have to collect Lewis at 1215. I then phoned the school amongst other calls I'd recieved told them he was ok they said oh well he can come back then! I told them no I would be keeping him at hime fo the rest of the day as they had found it necessary to send him home. I wouldn't mind but the person who said he'd got it isn't a medical person, as they would have asked those simple questions, but was leaving to go on a school trip all dressed in a skimpy top and shorts!
Once I'd collected Lewis things did become a lot less hectic and my hospital appointment was ok. Thank you for letting me rant and even more so if you got to the end of this I'm off now to do some crafting whilst watching Ashes to Ashes.

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